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Feral Deer Sightings on the Eyre Peninsula

ep deer sightings

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board has growing concerns feral deer populations are growing due to the lack of sightings being reported.

The board relies on the public to help track deer numbers to help prevent population booms which can have major negative impacts on agriculture and biodiversity.

Recent images captured by the board have seen feral deer near Kimba, raising the alarm the specie could be on the rise.

Eyre Peninsula Landscape Officer Rebekah Davenport, says it’s important to prevent deer populations establishing on the Eyre Peninsula as the not only cause harm to the native vegetation but can also be a traffic hazard.

The EP Landscape Board is urging any sightings to be reported so that deer control can be facilitated.

Deer sightings can be reported on the feral scan website or by downloading their feral scan app.

Alternatively, sightings should be reported directly to Landscape Officers Rebekah Davenport on 0428 282 077 or Barbara Murphy on 0427 188 546 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information about managing deer can be found on our pest animal page.





Image credit: Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board