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The Eyre Peninsula Now in Official Lockdown

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The Eyre Peninsula is now in official lockdown along with the rest of the state as the authorities work to control the spread of COVID 19.

Following the announcement yesterday afternoon, local supermarkets, bottle shops and service stations saw an overflow of customers with lines queuing out onto the streets.

As of today, residents will be required to stay home with one person from each household allowed to leave once a day for essential services.

Community members are being reminded they must wear a mask at all times when in a public area.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey says the panic is a worry, some of yesterday’s behaviour was irrational but people need to stay calm and follow the rules.

 “We’ve gotta follow the rules now I know there's been no, at this stage, country infections, we will get through this though it's challenging but there's worse things happen in life and we just need to just keep calm and see think about the prospect try and keep away from other people this week try and stay home as much as you possibly can.” said Ramsey.





Image credit: Eyre Penisula Broadcasters