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PLHS Year 12 Students Produce Positive Art Exhibition

VISION 2020 Exhibition Opening

Despite a very challenging year, the Port Lincoln High School year 12 students are showcasing a positive display of art at the Nautilus Arts Centre.

The High School’s annual Year 12 Art Design Photography exhibition titled, Vision 2020, is now on display in the Rotary Gallery for the public to view through until the end of the week.

As part of their assessment students were able to come up with their own themes producing an array of diverse work from digital design, photography and 3D art.

Port Lincoln High School Teacher, Shaun Thomas says this year has been a real challenge unlike any other year but students have done an exceptional job to create such a positive display of work.

“Given the difficulties we had as a school this year it's a really positive display, given what they've been through I'm really proud of the way they've produced really positive vibrant, forward-thinking type of work they haven't dwelled on difficult situations that they had to go through, so yeah I think people will get that feel when you walk in the room and hopefully sort of see the talent of these young kids.

“It’s been a real challenge unlike any other I’ve experienced, and other teachers that have been a part of the education system longer then I have and have never really come across a year like this, we sort of unfortunately suffered several deaths in our community in the first term then the coronavirus restrictions really kicked in hard and yeah lots of events have had to be cancelled or postponed or modified.

“They’ve really had to cope with a lot but you wouldn’t really know it when you look at the work up on display on the walls now, it looks just as good if not better than any previous exhibition we’ve put up there so yeah really proud of what these students have been able to achieve given that circumstances that they’ve had to go through.” Said Mr. Thomas.








Image credit: Supplied, Port Lincoln High School