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EP Housing and Construction Brace for Influx in Building Activity

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South Australia’s housing and construction industry is bracing for an influx in building activity over the next 9-12 months following the state government's HomeBuilder Grants.

More than 1100 applications have been received for the grants with hundreds more expected to roll in by the end of the year.

The Federal grants have already started heading out the door, with 64 grants paid (or about to be paid), while another 159 applicants have received conditional approval.

Local builder Chris Dare from G.J Gardener Homes says they’ve definitely seen an increase in enquires and sales since June and even throughout COVID.

“So we saw a significant increase in inquiry level after the Homebuilder grants were announced and obviously that has been a lot of the motivation for a lot of people to bring their builds forward.

“We’re not 100% sure that it’s actually done is created any new builds, a lot of the builds that we are building, I think are people that would have been building in the next 12 months anyway but it brought the builds forward and that’s great because we’re getting the builds now rather than in 6 months’ time.”

"Bussiness for us, we're seeing a steady growth even pre-Homebuilders grants, what I expect to see is growth into the new year but it will be interesting to see if the level of inquiries drops off in the new year if the Homebuilders grants don't continue, but I would expect to see a very quick downturn in enquires in the new year once that motivation of the Homebuilders grants expires," said Chris.









Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay