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Farmers Urged to Look After their Skin

Farmer pexels jake heinemann

A new report has revealed the unseen burden of non-melanoma skin cancer and the increased risk for farmers and people living in rural and remote areas. 

Up to 1,700 Australians are estimated to die from advanced non-melanoma skin cancers each year and those living with the disease face social isolation and poor mental health.

Former Australian Cricketer and Farmer, Peter Taylor, is fully aware of the risks, following a lifetime of playing and working in the sun.

“During heavy work period you’re out there a lot you’re out there all day then we go through periods when we don’t do a lot of outdoorsy stuff but when it’s on, it’s on. And farmers and grazers are  all the same, we’re out there a lot and have to be so careful.” 

"I've had non-melanoma skin cancers cut out and burnt off and I didn't know they could be life-threatening, to be honest, I thought melanoma was the big one and that was all I really knew about it." Said Taylor.





Photo byJake Heinemann from Pexels