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St Vinnies Continue to Push Farmers to Apply for Drought Support

drought support grants

St Vincent De Paul Society is continuing to push drought-affected farmers to apply for round 2 of the Drought Community Support Initiative grants.

In an understanding agreement, applying for the grants can be difficult for some,  the Federal Government has asked the National Council of the St Vinnies and The Salvation Army to distribute small cash grants of up to $3,000 directly into people’s bank accounts to help soften the blow.

Those that have received the grants have used the money for food, petrol, school expenses and other bills.

In addition to ensuring the needed cash is paid to bank accounts, workers on the Vinnies drought hotline are listening to people’s stories of isolation, of heartbreak loss, survival and resilience and directing them with relevant local services.

Local drought-affected farmers who have not yet received a payment under the Drought Community Services Initiative Round 2 can visit the Saint Vincent De Paul’s website for more information.





Image credit: vinnies