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Koonibba Rocket Launch Missfire


Yesterday history was almost made with Australia’s first commercial space company rocket launch in the states Far West Coast, however, the launch saw a disappointing outcome.

Two Adelaide-based companies, Southern Launch and DEWC attempted to blast off the rocket at noon yesterday from a test range near a small Aboriginal community, Koonibba.

Unfortunately, the rocket launch was a failure as it miss fired.  

The DART rocket was just 3.4 meters long and weighed a total of 34kg and was expected to travel approximately 100km into the atmosphere at five times the speed of sound.

The Kooniba Test Range extends 145 km over unoccupied national park which allows the companies the space to do further testing systems.

Another launch is set for this Saturday, September 19th in the small community, 40km north-west of Ceduna.







Image credit: Google Maps, Google