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Del Giornos Cafe Restaurant Awarded Travellers Choice Award 2020

del giornos

Yet another Eyre Peninsula business has been awarded a TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award for 2020.

Del Giornos Café Restaurant announced its achievement via social media this week, putting the well-known café in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide.

The Travelers Choice Award is based on TripAdvisor reviews and ratings from across the globe and recognises businesses on their outstanding traveler reviews.

Owner Kris Bunder of Del Giornos café restaurant expressed his gratitude to their customers, staff and suppliers that allow the business to provide quality food and service.

 “Yeah it’s very exciting for us and the staff, obviously we put a lot of hard work into the restaurant and it’s good to get recognition from your customers, it’s very good coz it means your basically being critiqued by your customers and they are the most important people who dine in.

“We pride ourselves on that we are very much a local restaurant, we use as much local produce as we possibly can and we pride ourselves on our food and our services.” Said Mr. Bunder.










Image credit Del GiornosCafe Resturant, facebook