Ruby Rose says singing scarier than stunts

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(L-R) Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp arrive at the Australian premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 at Hoyts Cinema at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney, Wednesday, November 29, 2017. (AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts)

Ruby Rose found singing and playing guitar in the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 film scarier than performing stunts for her action movie roles in Resident Evil and xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

In the third installment of the musical franchise, Rose plays a new character called Calamity who she describes as a mean girl that plays in a band competing with the movie's a cappella group, the Bellas.

The role required her to sing and play guitar, which Rose hadn't done since she was 16, and she had to do it in front of an audience.

"It's funny for me to ... sing and perform on stage, and we did that in front of a thousand, that is way more scary than the stunts that I did and death-defying things I did in the previous films," Rose told AAP.

"It's great to get outside my comfort zone and it felt so invigorating afterwards because I felt like I'd really accomplished something that I hadn't done before."

Rose also revealed that it was her past as a church choir girl that helped her nab the role after meeting with actress Elizabeth Banks, who is in the movie and is also one of the producers.

"I was taking meetings with Liz Banks, who I'm a massive fan of and we were meeting about a bunch of different things," Rose said.

"At the end of the conversation she just went 'do you sing?' and I went 'yeah I sing, I used to sing in church choirs' and then she said 'do you play guitar?' and I said 'yeah, not really. I used to play when I was 16 so a little bit'. She was like 'interesting' and she walked out and I was like 'maybe she wants me to play at her Christmas party or something'?" she said.

"And then I got a call saying 'we want you to do Pitch Perfect and I was like 'wow, OK now I really need to sing and play guitar quickly' because I hadn't done it in so many years."

The Australian actress was in Sydney this week to promote the movie alongside fellow Aussie Rebel Wilson and their co-stars Anna Camp and Brittany Snow.

Rose loved making the film with Wilson, but spending time with her on set made it trickier to maintain the American accent she needed for her character.

"I was always so jealous because she gets to play the Australian and kills it, and I always wanted to fall into the Australian accent with her because we'd be bantering a lot ,and I'd have to remind myself 'no you're a really mean Californian girl, you don't get to be Rebel's friend right now, you have to wait until the lunch break'," she said.

* Pitch Perfect 3 is released in Australian cinemas on January 1

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