The Bluey Scene That Was Deleted for US Audiences

deleted bluey scene

A dad in the US has revealed to fellow Bluey fans that a scene was oddly cut from an episode from the children's show in the US. The self-confessed “Bluey stan” took to his TikTok account @world.shaker to point out the censored scene which takes place in the episode titled, “Markets.”


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The dad from North Carolina, explains that in the episode, there was a weird transition that happens during a scene where Bluey goes for a pony ride. He says:

"For the other US parents that like Bluey, did you notice the really weird transition in the episode, “Markets,” when Bluey gets off the pony and then when they’re suddenly buying German sausages and it’s very abrupt, it’s very odd how it happens."

He then goes on to say the scene is still shown in Australia, but Disney has removed it in the American version. He explains:

"So it turns out, it’s so weird because they cut a scene out of that episode that they’ll show in Australia, but Disney won’t show in the US. So here’s the scene."

The scene in question happens as Bluey and Indy explore a market and come across a couple of ponies in which were they intend to ride. After Bluey hops off the pony named Buttermilk, it takes a poo and they both run away screaming before bursting into laughter.

This scene has been removed from the American version of the series which has had a reaction from fellow TikTok users.

One writes, “Ugh, I’m so annoyed by our country. The US allowed a book called “everyone poops” but can’t show this." Another said they showed their child the clip commenting, “Literally just showed my 3 year old this clip and he busted out laughing “is he poopin?!?” Lots of giggles.’"

In another one of his videos, Michael also explains there are two whole episodes banned from the US version. He says:

So there are actually two banned episodes of Bluey that Disney refuses to air in the US. The first is technically Season 1, episode 37 which is called teasing, which is about teasing so it kinda makes sense. And for the episode where you find out Lucky’s dad name is Pat, that is episode 13 of season 2 where at least it’s meant to be... called Dad Baby, you can download it on iTunes or Amazon. And hmm, why might Disney have banned this from airing in the US? I just uh… 


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