Is This Mother Being Unreasonable? Calls for Certain Campers to Be Banned

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An angry mum who has had an unpleasant family camping trip has taken to the internet to share her thoughts on certain campers who kept her up during the night.
She says snorers shouldn't be allowed camping which of course has divided the internet.

Posting to a forum on, user Franklyfrost appeals, "No snorers allowed camping." Her full post says:

"Just that.

Having finally managed to get to sleep on our mysteriously but persistently deflating air mattress someone in the field next door wakes me up making a noise like a food processor being turned on and off. I have young kids in the tent with me and older kids in the tent text door so I can’t wear eye plugs. It’s a family campsite so it’s not just me who won’t be able to wear ear plugs. Just don’t go camping near others if you snore. They must know they snore because they’re not pitched up alone, so their party must all have come prepared with earplugs.

YABU (You are being unreasonable) camping is for everyone, you can’t discriminate.

YANBU (You are not being unreasonable) camping is not for someone who makes a really loud noise all night long to show off how well they’re sleeping while stopping anyone else from getting what rest they can"

mother calls for snorers to be banned
A mother has called for snorers to be banned at campsites. (Image Credit: Tatsiana Hendzel /

Some users sympathised and backed up the original poster, saying that snorers were inconsiderate. They said:

"Agree with you OP. It's inconsiderate to inflict so much noise on others at night, not much of a holiday for everyone who then has to deal with sleep deprivation."

Others weren't so sympathetic and said:

"What? You decide that the ideal holiday is to cram yourself into a field with a load of strangers for a few a few days despite that fact that you are intolerant of the noises that people make. And this is someone else's fault?

Newsflash OP: people make noises, they snore, they cry, they argue, they play. Stay home if you can't bear to be around other humans."

Of course, people that were snorers weren't happy with the original post with comments like:

"Oh god. I snore. Always have done. I’ll remember to not do the things I love because of it though. Thanks for the reminder." and "I'll remember not to snore next time I go camping."

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In a poll attached to the post asking 'Am I being Unreasonable?' 68% of the total 2100 votes (at the time of writing) believe the original poster is being unreasonable leaving 32% on her side and believing she is not being unreasonable.

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