National News

Animal activists target Qld theme parks

Police have been called to a Queensland theme park after activists protested animals held in captivity, the third time a tourist attraction has been targeted in two days.

Traders lose billions to shoplifters

The National Retail Association (NRA) is urging retailers to be vigilant against shoplifting raids, estimating losses across the country at more than $3 billion annually.

Social media giants expected to co-operate

Social media companies will be explicitly told to protect Australian children as part of a $17 million online safety package aimed at helping parents and their kids.

Woman dead after shooting in Perth

A woman has died in a shooting in southern Perth.Police officers were called to Bateman address on Friday night to investigate claims that someone had been shot and that an armed man at the front of the house also seemed injured.

Teen party at Melb Airbnb home turns ugly

Police are investigating whether an out-of-control teen party at a Melbourne Airbnb property leased by a 15-year-old is linked to a number of assaults later in the night.