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A summary of the 2021/22 federal budget

A SUMMARY OF THE 2021 FEDERAL BUDGETECONOMY* Budget deficit of $106.6 billion in 2021/22* Deficit narrows to $99.3 billion in 2022/23, $79.5 billion in 2023/24 and $57 billion in 2024/25* Commonwealth net debt to rise to $617.5 billion in 2021/22 before hitting $980.6 billion in 2024/25* Economic growth to rise...

Farmers can't afford to end mice plague

The end to a horror mouse plague that has tormented communities in western NSW is finally in sight thanks to doubly toxic bait, but farmers say they now can't afford to finish the rodents off.

De Belin jury hung for second time

Jack de Belin faces the prospect of a third trial over rape allegations after a Sydney jury returned hung verdicts to most charges.