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Vic racing to boost Indigenous vax rates

Victoria's reopening could place the health of some vulnerable members of the Indigenous community further at risk, with the race to vaccinate them against COVID-19 becoming more urgent.

National petrol price surges to new peak

Petrol prices have struck a record high on average as global oil prices continue to rise, fuelling concerns about both the inflation and interest rate outlook.

Perrottet confident as kids back to school

Dominic Perrottet says he is "very confident" resuming face-to-face education will go well despite the potential for COVID-19 outbreaks, with some NSW schools already closed for deep cleaning.

Perrottet confident around school return

Dominic Perrottet says he's confident the return of students and teachers to schools throughout NSW will go well despite the potential for COVID-19 outbreaks.

Equities enjoy more gains, US dollar dips

A tech boost has helped tee global shares up for a third straight week of gains, despite growing inflation concerns, while the US dollar dipped and oil prices bounced off their lows.

Woman murdered partner after 'dry runs'

A woman spent months planning the murder of her partner and made two attempts while planting a trail to make it appear he killed himself, a NSW court has been told.