Your old phone could save a life

May 1, 2024 11:36 am in by
Photo: Pexels

Over 22 million phones are sitting unused in homes across Australia, when they could instead be helping victims of domestic violence.

Private Investigator Janine Fulton says access to a mobile phone could save a life, and you can help by donating to DV Safe Phone.

“For domestic violence victims, mobile phones are often one of the first things to be destroyed, taken or monitored, Ms Fulton says.

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“One of the main consequences of this technology-facilitated abuse is increased isolation and a fear of using the cell phone to keep in contact with friends, family and services.”

This comes not long after Senator Kerrynne Liddle and Senator Jacinta Price visited Ceduna and Port Lincoln with concerns about domestic and family violence in the region.

“We are in the middle of a domestic and family violence epidemic, Senator Liddle says.

“It is an issue also in regional and remote communities, quite simply because of less services, an issue with confidentiality in smaller communities, issues with places for people to either flee or for people to go and take time out at, and we need to get better at servicing those communities.”