Tumby Bay locals jump for their jetty

February 5, 2024 1:39 pm in by
Photo: Ally Hall

Members of the Tumby Bay community gathered yesterday, 4 February, to take a stand for their crumbling jetty and call on the State Government for a solution.

Closed since October 2022 after wild weather damaged the structure, Tumby Bay jetty has been in limbo.

Organiser of the protest and President of the Tumby Bay Progress Association Dion LeBrun says the State Government hasn’t taken the issue seriously.

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“The people of South Australia have to decide whether recreational jetties are to remain and if they are important, and if that’s the case, pressure’s got to be put on the government right across the state, Mr LeBrun says.

“The people in power and the opposition need to get together and work together to find a solution for this… we’ve had two summers without the jetty… and other towns are going to go the same way.”


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