New policy placing pressure on local pharmacies

September 19, 2023 12:59 pm in by
Photo: Marko Geber from Getty Images.

The new 60-day dispensing policy is putting pressure on regional pharmacies.

Member for Flinders Sam Telfer says the requirement for pharmacies to dispense 60 days of medication without a price rise is an attack on small independent businesses – and even an attack on health care.

Mr Telfer says he’s all for less expensive medicine, but not at the expense of small businesses which form the backbone of regional towns.

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“We heard directly from a pharmacist here in Port Lincoln, in Cummins, in Cleve, in Kimba, in Tumby Bay, and these changes really weren’t well thought out, he says

“There’s going to be significant costs which will end up either costing our businesses, costing jobs within our communities, or ultimately at some point it will be costing us as users of that service.”