Locals call for pause on Port Lincoln intersection works

February 19, 2024 12:41 pm in by
Photo: Sam Telfer MP - Member for Flinders via Facebook

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport are conducting works on key Port Lincoln intersections, despite concerns from locals.

Member for Flinders Sam Telfer says there’s uncertainty of what these changes will mean for traffic movements through the city centre – especially with the removal of left-hand slip lanes at roundabouts.

“My concern’s with the fact that I worry the Department haven’t listened to the community, Mr Telfer says.

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“When I talk to the community, they’ve got concerns about any move to take away the left-turn slipways that feed off of Liverpool Street into those key areas with retail, with business, with schools interacting with each other there.

“If the move is to remove these left-hand slip lanes, it means that there’s going to be more traffic build-up, and my concern is more frustration in the community.”

Mr Telfer is doing what he can to ensure local voices are heard.

“I wrote to the Minister… to highlight our community concerns… I hope that he took the time to be able to listen to the community and understand the logistics of what it means to have the interactions between heavy vehicles, domestic use, people going to and fro work, and know that the changes that the Department have put forward could potentially make things worse.”