CFS Bushfire Action Plan

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When in panic, the Adrenalin is pumping... it's much harder to create a plan in the heat of the moment... where are your family? What will you take with you? Where will you go for safety? If staying how will you tackle the fire? What will you do with your pets and live stock?
Fires move quickly and are unpredictable, when in danger you won't have time to think and act, therefore now, when there is no emergency, is the best time to ensure you have a Bush fire Action Plan in place.

Some tips I can offer is to keep memories, and Items you love in a storage box which is easy to grab and go, maybe photos or hard drives, things that cannot be replaced.

The CFS have a great 5 minute action plan, which includes pets and it's just 3 easy steps, take the time to implement the plan for your whole family BEFORE an emergency.

Yesterday was a great reminder to be ready.

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Click the link below to get started, examples of questions are listed below. It's important your family are all on the same page.

Create your own Bushfire Plan, in 3 easy steps

cfs do your 5 min bushfire plan

Step 1 of 3: My useful details

Your Bushfire Plan outlines what actions each member of your family will take on fire risk days and if fire threatens. Having phone numbers and details of key contacts is an essential first step of any bushfire planning.

My plan is for:

We'll include the people who this plan has been created for on your final Bushfire Plan.
It also always helps to have each others phone numbers handy.

Step 2 of 3: My plan to leave early

The CFS recommends that you plan to leave early on days that are forecast as Catastrophic or are of high fire danger. Do not attempt to leave if you are not sure of a clear exit or the fire is too close.

Bushfire Safer Place and Last Resort Refuge:


  • Yellow shaded areas show your Bushfire Safer Places: Suitable for use during forecast bad fire weather or during a bushfire. May be subject to sparks, embers and smoke.
  • Green dots show your Last Resort Refuges: For if your plan has failed. Not suitable for extended use and provides only limited protection during bushfire. Last Resort Refuges are your LAST choice of location to shelter from a bushfire.

Where I will go:

On fire danger days, your safest option is to visit friends, family or attractions in a Bushfire Safer Place.

My plan for pets and livestock

If you have any pets or animals, note down here what you will do with them.

Step 3 of 3: My plan if I have to stay and defend

Only stay and defend on days of high fire danger if you are well prepared and your home is properly constructed and prepared to the highest level.

IMG 5198