Aussie's 'Robbed' in Eurovision Song Contest

OK... I think we need to talk about how Kate Miller-Heidke was robbed in the Euro vision song contest.... She placed 9th after probably one of the most impressive performances to EVER hit the stage. reports: "Kate Miller-Heidke’s angelic performance at the Eurovision grand final was not enough to clinch Australia a historic victory, with the Netherlands crowned the winner.

Miller-Heidke was considered one of the frontrunners to take out the competition with her electrifying song Zero Gravity but in a massive blow ended up coming in at ninth place, with fans claiming she was “robbed”.

The voting was split between a professional jury from each competing nation and the public vote.

Australia was sitting at sixth after the professional votes trickled in, but the public vote really shook things up, boosting Russia, Switzerland and Norway into the top six out of nowhere, while plummeting Australia down the list."

Since being part of the Euro-Vision song contest, Australia is yet to take one out, the closest contender ever was Dami Imm with 'Sound of Silence' who placed runner up.

So this is our Winner: Duncan Laurence represented The Netherlands at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song contest, and won.

Compare these 2.... I think we know which one literally gave it all she had... You be the judge... I don't think I could sing wobbling about like that.