Politicians snapchat gender swap

Aussie Federal Elections are this weekend... and ALP Spicy Meme Stash has struck gold with the current trending topic "Opposite Gender Filter"

What do you reckon? Maybe someone should create a fake tinder profile for these politicians, and the younger generations can vote by swiping left or right...  the way of the future!

Scarily enough Julia Gillard as herself and Tony Abbot's female counter part look scarily alike... What do you think?

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PS if you want a sausage when you vote, find locations here: https://democracysausage.org/?fbclid=IwAR3A-AJFppHvYpcEnA2Jf0CYDnuRqTca3wyDshjWfDM2iMNVOmy5j7WMvCo