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You vs Wild

Last night I was just chillin on the couch eating my dinner, whacked Netflix on cause 'why not?', clicked on the first thing I saw which had bear grylls on the front, not knowing it would require interaction on my part...

You can make Bear Grylls eat poo on his new interactive Netflix show 'You vs Wild'

💩💩💩💩 put it best....

"The survival expert takes on the wild for his new Netflix show, and has viewers make all his big decisions for him.

But it's episode three of You Vs Wild that has really got everyone talking.

As he hunts for a St Bernard named Dana in the snowy Swiss Alps, Bear comes across a difficult decision when it comes to nutrition.

After finding a huge chunk of bear poo, he informs everyone that it actually contains undigested nuts which would be safe to eat if they were rinsed off (and you were in an emergency)."


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