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world pokemon day

Today is WORLD POKEMON DAY! and I am SO excited!
Across our Facebook page TODAY we will have many opportunities for you to participate in some trivia and fun and even win some some Shanno's Pizza! (Every gamers diet right?)

>>>>>Magic 899 Facebook Here<<<<< Stay glued all day! says: 

"Marking the anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon Red and Green. The Pokémon Company has a bunch of treats lined up for fans every year! From Snapchat filters to figurine. In 2018, the Pokemon Company announced several new products and features for its annual holiday, including the U.S. release of the “Pikachu Talk” app for Amazon’s Alexa devices and Google Home devices.

Also teaming up with Snapchat to release three new Snapchat lenses featuring the classic Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Bulbasaur will be released first, followed by Charizard and Squirtle. Each lens features a Pokemon sitting in the bottom corner of the post, along with a halo-like effect around a Snapchatter’s head."

If you LOVE Pokemon GO! there are some special events you can take part in too!

"The event outlines that ‘Pokémon that players encounter early in their adventure’ will be more common. The Route 1 Pokémon in Red and Blue are exclusively Pidgey and Ratatta, and the starters are, of course, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Remember, all the Kanto starters can be shiny, and as of this event, Pidgey and Ratatta have joined the shiny list as well.

In field research and in the wild, there will also be special Eevee and Pikachu spawning wearing spring flowers. Finally, some other Pokémon got a special variant besides Pikachu! When evolved, the evolved forms will keep the flowers, so if you are a collector, you will want to gather as many as you can. Word says that these variants can even be found shiny. That is a lot of shiny Eeveelutions with flower crowns to collect, so good luck! We will update with the research tasks to find these Pokémon as soon as possible after the event drops."

world pokemon dayworld pokemon day


"Following last year's big Pikachu Funko Pop! reveal, Bulbasaur is the next Pokémon to get the Funko Pop! treatment. Look for this beloved first partner Pokémon to arrive in Pop! form on February 27.

Have fun celebrating Pokémon Day 2019!"

Relish in some memories with me ☺

Who rememebers the Pokemon Rap?!?!?!

Full Pokemon soundtrack: