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How to make a Vision Board for 2019

 Sometimes in order to get what we want out of life and remain focused, we need to visualise what we want it to look like... I've never really thought about it before, but I am really striving to get things in my life working FOR me instead of me working FOR them in 2019.

Some friends have been posting about vision boards, and so I thought I would google how to make one that "Actually works"

Obviously it's up to you but I found this amazing article to help you get 2019 off to an incredible start ♥

Christie who wrote this article and 'how to', says:  

"I had made a vision board that works!

Every single image that I had cut and pasted on that board was real in my life.

At that moment, I realized how powerful it is to create your vision, take action that is aligned with that vision, and heal the blocks to making it all real.

But, since my vision board had been hidden in the closet, I also knew this:

It’s not the vision board that works. It’s the clear vision + all the other things I did to make my visions a reality.

Because here is the Truth:

Vision is merely a dream without action. ~ Joel Barker"

get her whole article here and how to make a vision board that works, I'll be doing this when I get home ☺

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