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How to win in 2019

So yesterday I shared how to make a vision board for 2019, and as I was putting mine together last night, I wanted to do it right.

I read the whole article and realised I needed to set my "Intentions" right... Which is based around my "Core Values"

Core values are the things we value most in life, and surprisingly if we are not living by them, we can feel all kinds of depressed and out of balance, it was actually shocking to me... I encourage everyone to do this atleast once.

You can read yesterdays blog about putting together your 2019 vision board here.

If you want to go next level and change your life, and to get the most out of your vision board, I recommend these 2 free work sheets Christie made which will help to give your vision board purpose.

Setting Your Intention

Define your Personal Core Values

Christie, the amazing woman who wrote the blog has literally changed my life in a night and given me something to work towards in 2019. 100% credit to her and I am feeling good about my vision board.

I got the board itself from Kmart and will continue to add to it as a daily reminder of things I want to be striving for.

You can see below me talking to my Twitch Stream whilst putting my vision board together live and talking to them about their goals for 2019, if you ever want to join or follow me live on twitch you can find me here

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