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Quote of the Day 12th July

Mind Set Matters: Cut away the nonsense and cultivate an environment conducive to your personal well-being.
Forgive yourself and others. Have the courage to move on. The battle is long... and in the end it's only with yourself. - Steve Maraboli

Are you exhausted? Feeling drained? Depressed?

Draw a stick figure... This represents you. This will help re-evaluate your whole life.

Now I want you to list everything in life that is draining you, everything you feel is literally killing you right now, be as specific as you can.

Once you do that, make a list of things that are feeding you, maybe time with loved ones, maybe your job is fulfilling... it can even be some of the things we listed as draining (AKA family can be both draining and feeding) draw an arrow back in for these things.

Anything that is not feeding back into you, and is only draining you, with an arrow solely pointing away- needs to be changed or eliminated...
Have conversations with people who can help to lighten the load. Maybe the kids have been too much to handle, your responsibilities are through the roof and you could consult a spouse to take some pressure off, or maybe your job is not growing you anymore, maybe your finances aren't in order and you need some legal advice, maybe you have a toxic person in your life...

Try to change or eliminate these things that are not feeding back into you ...

come back in 4 months and see if you feel more energised and fulfilled
☺ and keep coming back to this diagram every few months to ensure your life is balanced.

An example: (Your list can be way longer. try to be as specific as you can)