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Local. Unique. Trendy, They're Handmade By Kristy


Love a good hair accessory? If you do, you’re going to love these!

I found a local girl who makes unique handmade scrunchies from home as a hobby of hers.

Handmade By Kristy <3

Gals, you know what it’s like living in a small town with limited stores and you see people walking around wearing the same get-up or accessories as you. While we all look really cool, it’s nice to have your own style right?

Miss Kristy makes her scrunchies from a variety of different materials, from pre-loved materials and cool patterned threads!


You like!? 

Well guess what!? She’s located right here in Port Lincoln and makes these cuties from home.

Not to mention she sells them for an affordable price, purely for the fact she loves getting creative and sharing her creations.

These scrunchies scream everything from West Coast, beachy, vintage, simple, glam, youthful, playful and LOCAL!

Now, I don’t know about you but there’s nothing better than a hair tie or scrunchie that holds your hair in place nicely. 

I have long thick hair which can be a pain with weak hair ties…but these scrunchies have the perfect elastic strength to hold up all hair types. 

(A hair tie AND a scrunchie can be too much, girls, if you know, you know what I'm talking about here) 

How she does it, I don’t know! But I’m in love and they're perfect!

Look at these beautiful designs!

handmade by Kristy

What a crafty gal she is! 

Check out her insta page to see more of her cool designs and get in contact with Handmade By Kristy!