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Capricorn July 5th Full Moon 2020


This month’s full moon is on Sunday 5th July and will be in the sign of Capricorn.

It will also fall on a Lunar Eclipse, and eclipses in astrology tent to bring energies to a conclusion in a dramatic, unexpected or mind-blowing way.

You may feel the need to be useful to society in some was and look for justification in the outside world.

This full moon you may find yourself underestimating what you want from yourself for yourself. We know what we deserve and in this, you may not realise you worth and underestimate what you deserve.

You may be caught between what you need verse what you want.

Shyness and resentment may be two emotions you find yourself battling with, in light of others ignoring you.

Don’t seek approval. You don’t need it. It will only bring you self-doubt and could be harmful.

Trust within yourself and know your inner values.

This can lead to draining your energy.

This Lunar Eclipse will bring focus to your home, family and intimate relationships.


Organs/ body parts you may find sensitive around this time:

Knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella, bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, spleen











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Image credit: thehoroscope