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Now is a very hard time for everyone, we have been forced to almost put our lives on hold to look after our health and wait for this virus to pass and sadly its affecting everyone in so many ways.

However, we need to focus on the positive and see what we can do as a community to not only overcome this crisis but to adapt to the way things might be for a while.

So, I’m reaching out to you. Are you a local business struggling? Why? What are you doing to try and keep your head above water? What challenges are you facing? What changes have you had to make? How have you been creative? What services are still available to locals? Do people know that you’re doing home delivery? Do you have an online shop? What help do you need? Have you had to close your doors altogether? What kind of support do you need from the community?

These are all super important questions that more people need answers too.


We want to hear from you!

Help us help you.

We need to work together in a time of hardship.

Our community has proven to be resilient in many circumstances and I don’t believe for a moment that this will break us either.

The media has a duty to inform the community and we can’t do this without your help sometimes, remember you are our eyes and ears.

Media all over the world has covered COVID-19 and we all know we need to wash our hands and isolate….We get it.

(Well I sure as hell hope you do)

We’ve heard it all but now we need to shift our focus on to how we can help and rebuild one another.

Our health is vital, however, what happens when everything goes back to normal and our beloved local businesses are forced to shut down, start again or claim bankruptcy? Let's as a community try to stop that from happening.

And if you are a local who may not own a business, let us remind you to shop local. Did you know we have some of the most unique and world-class produce here on the EP and we should be utilizing these resources rather than taking them for granted. Support your local shops to keep them afloat, but also to keep our region afloat.

We quite literally have everything we need here, you just need to look a little harder and it may mean you need to do more than one-stop off but if that means keeping a business in business, it's worth it.

How can you help and have your voice heard? Get in touch with us! 

Head to head to our local news tab and tell us YOUR story!

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How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting you as a business? 

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