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Food Compatibly, A Relationship ESSENTIAL

fussy eaters

According to a new study 1 in 9 Aussies would dump a person with different food tastes.

Would you break it off with someone if they didn’t like cheese but they loved anchovies…and you hated them? Is that a deal breaker for you?

Well apparently that’s a pretty common thing, turns out love isn’t just about the heart with 30% of Australians agreeing that food compatibility is the most important aspect of a romantic relationship.

Hmmm? MOST important? Sure there nothing else that comes first…like…maybe…trust…or loyalty?

Anyway, the study revealed that when it comes to first dates, 38% of Australians admitted to being put off dating someone who was a fussy eater, but two-thirds (67%) of all Aussies agree they have a similar taste in food to their partner anyway. Makes sense. Cooking two meals a night seems a bit extreme don’t you think?

Further research showed that 1 in 7 people hate sharing food (15%) and 1 in 9 (11%) hate having food pinched from their plate. Sharing food is common thing in relationships like sharing a pizza, whipping up a cheese platter or going halves in a sanga, similar tastes is essential here. Maybe, it is a bit of a deal-breaker.

But in terms of “romantic foods” apparently Aussies identified chocolate (70%), cheese (67%), chips (62%) and pasta (62%) as the essential shared favorites in the recipe for love. 

Experts say food is used to keep the spark alive in relationships. Ever gone from single to in a relationship and start getting a bit ”fluffy” around the outside? Packing on a couple of extra kilos is quite common, but not a bad thing!

I mean, having a significant other is the perfect excuse to go out for dinner with some good company or having a cook up. It’s nice to have someone to share the experience with.

While 2 minuet noodles in your PJ’s while catching up on some Netflix, because you have nothing better to do, is some fantastic quality time with yourself…but having someone else to eat and go somewhere with is more enjoyable at times.

What romantic meal will you be cooking this Valentines Day? Some local oyster’s maybe? Hehe!







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