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Food for thought this Christmas

pets for xmas

Christmas is the time of giving and loving.

The ultimate gift is gifting a furry friend a fur-ever home and eternal love.

The ultimate gift is getting a puppy right?!

But is Christmas really the time to do this?

If you are thinking of getting a pet for Christmas, please think about all the responsibilities and consequences that come with pets.

While it sounds like all fun and games, it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and sharing that love however, I can’t stress enough how big of a responsibility it is and if you aren’t ready, that’s a consequence the poor animal you have tried to home will have to live with.

If you aren’t willing to keep a puppy or a kitten for its entire life span as if it were a human child DON’T GET ONE!!!!!

It infuriates me to see irresponsible pet owners. But most of all it hurts my heart.

If you get a pet, ensure you are willing to give it your heart and a home forever, not temporarily.

If it barks or scratches, you have to continue to love it, just like a child that screams 24/7. It’s no different.

The only difference is, that pet doesn’t have a voice to tell you how it feels.

So if you are considering getting a pet for Christmas, perhaps think about heading to our local RSPCA and adopt a pet who is waiting to be taken in. A pet who has had an unfortunate start to life and is just waiting to be loved.

The Port Lincoln RSPCA now have dogs up for adoption as well as cats.

Here’s a list of things you MUST CONSIDER before bring a new furry member into the family.

  1. Make sure you can afford to feed an extra mouth.

Getting a dog doesn’t just mean pet food, it also means vet bills, toys, repairing accidental damage and much more. Think about the expenses that come with having a pet.

  1. Take your time in making a decision.

Just because Christmas is just around the corner doesn’t mean you NEED to do it right now. We all impulse buy at times, but getting a pet is no game, it doesn’t come with a receipt. Think and choose wisely.


Don’t think for on second you can just get rid of it when you get sick of it. If that’s your mentality, don’t bother. Did you know millions animals are left in shelters yearly and half of them are put to sleep because they can’t be rehomed? Again that hurts my heart to think about and should make you sad to.

  1. Tagging and microchipping.

Yes another cost but by doing this your furry friend will always be trackable if it gets lost at any point. Micro chipping is a small fee to pay if you think about the loss if it goes missing. Also it’s always a good idea put your dog’s name and your phone number on the collar to ensure you have the best chance of finding it.

Just like us, dogs need feeding, washing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, vet checks and much more. Your pet should be treated like royalty and nothing less. They will love you more than anyone and in return they asked to be loved and cared for.

  1. KIDS!!!!!

If you have children that are allergic, are rough or don’t like cats or dogs…again DON’T get one. Simple.

  1. Be careful what you feed your dog.

Dogs can’t eat things like chocolate and onions, they are extremely bad for them so make sure you do your research on what they can and can’t eat, you could make them very sick.

  1. Pets need attention.

If you don’t have time to walk your dog or play with it, then maybe reconsider what kind of pet you get. Maybe fish would work better for your lifestyle. Dogs NEED to be walked. Eating and walking is what they live for. Don’t deprive them of that happiness and exercise.

  1. What kind of yard do you have?

Dogs also need space to run around, a small paved yard with no room to run around shouldn’t be an option unless it’s temporary. It’s not fair to keep a dog cooped up or Tied up.

  1. A dog is a man’s best friend.

Fact. If you have considered all of this and are 100% ready to make a life commitment then prepare yourself for a life time of love and happiness. A dog will love you like no other and make the best company.

All in all, if you are thinking about getting a pet for Christmas, make sure you are SURE and ready. There's no novelty in animals going to shelters.