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Youtube Mashup King

Ever found a youtube artist you can't help but to wanna share with everyone?? 

Well, here's one for you that I'm pretty obsessed with at the moment, Sickick. 

This masked man does some epic mashups of artists like Eminem, Sean Paul, Pitball, 50 Cent...seems like he focuses on that RnB, hip hop vibe and mixes it up... with a little party. 

His music will have you playing them at every house party. TOTAL MOOD LIFTER.

What makes Sickick so unique is his talent and ear for sound. He's as all the right gadgets in from of him to make some awesome beats but he also has a good voice to chuck in some vocals here and there and it sounds great.

Here's a Sean Paul mashup he did,



And on of my favorites, a 50 Cent mashup, his singing in this is HOT! 


Your welcome :)