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The Importance of Christmas Tree Decorations

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This year has been a little bit all over the place and Christmas is creeping up fast! I'm not even in the slightest bit prepared, the Christmas tree isn't up, zero shopping has been done and I haven't eaten a single candy cane! 

I love this time of year though, and I lOOOOOVE Christmas decorations, they are everything colourful, pretty and shiny! 

My Mum has always been quite traditional like her Mum in decking out the house in as much Christmas decor as possible. As much as I hate the actual "setting up" of it all, I secretly actually love it.

Every year Mum and I put the tree up, and Mum has to have a different colour theme each year... whether it's pink and gold, aqua and silver, red and gold, purple and silver...rose gold and silver...get the jist?

This year we're struggling for a colour theme, I mean after at least 25 odd years of the tradition, there are only so many ball ball colour variations one can do without "outfit repeating". Thank god for stores like Kmart, Target and Myers bringing out all the goods and something new each year. 

The trees gotta go up this week, ya know to really make the most of this beautiful time of year! There are only 4 weeks to go and I'm not even going to actually be here on Christmas, so I wanna soak up all the chrissy goodness before I jet out of the country to somewhere they don't even celebrate it.

Now the other thing is, Mums a total perfectionist when it comes to the's a real PROCESS that takes some serious patience, something I'm known to have very little of.

The ball balls need to go from small to big from the top of the tree to bottom of the tree, all decorations need to be evenly spread, also catering for the colour theme, gold cannot go next to another gold decoration AND of course the lights, tinsel and beads need to be evenly drooped. Yep. It's not a quick job...see why we tend to put it off a little? It takes time, patience and wine. Yes, we have incorporated wine into this yearly tradition. Understandably. Even if its 10 am on a Saturday morning, I'll pour the wine while Mum gets the Christmas boxes out.

What colours should we decorate our Christmas tree with???

Head our Facebook page a drop a comment with the colour theme you think we should go with this year: