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COVID 2.0 Lock Down Project

Well, well, well...COVD restrictions reintroduced. Great. 

On the bright side, we've been down this road before and we know what we're in for this time.... more time at home to work on those projects we didn't finish or new ones you'd love to do. 

Here's a new one for ya! It's a bit of a long process BUT it's super cool and a good way to reuse and recycle junk that is generally quite hard to get rid of. 

Now all you need is a big old FAT TV, not flat, FAT! Perhaps check your local dump or call into the olds to see what's in their shed. 

Once you've found yourself an old fat TV, why not turn it into a fish tank! Wouldn't that be a funky feature in your house.

By staring into your TV that still considered screen time?



This project isn't as simple as it sounds but it sure is worth the end results!

Check out the 'how to' video here for your next COVID lockdown project!