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Rufus the Couch Kangaroo 2021 Calendars

Rufus calander 1

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? ...Or already thinking about 2021 because screw 2020?

Well, remember our local star Rufus the Couch Kangaroo from Pumpkins Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary?  He's recently moved up in his career with his latest feature in his very own 2021 calendars! 


**...I wonder if I'll ever be famous enough to have my own calendars... career goals set by a roo. Food for thought. **


Anyway, who doesn't love a cute calendar with animals on it?... Kangaroos and Wombats are the new puppies and kittens calendars! 

rufus calander 7


rufus calender 5


You can grab yourself one of these cute as hell calendars AND support a local animal sanctuary at the same time!

Not to mention you have a choice of two different adorable calendars whether you're a hardcore Rufus fan and would like a Rufus the Couch Kangaroo only calendar OR you love all the cute bouncies and would like a Rufus and Friends calendar. 



rufus and kym


Sanctuary Mumma, Kym Haywood, also popped a video up on their Facebook page showing you all the cute calendar photos if you wanna check it out! 

Head over to their Facebook page for all the deets on how you can get your mitts on one of these cute Rufus calendars and international postage! 

Don't forget to give the page a like while you're there and support our local Kangaroo Sanctuary! 








Image credit: Rufus the Couch Kangaroo Facebook