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A Global Coffee Crisis is Coming

Don't panic...but your coffee could be in jeopardy.
Now might be a good time to start getting used to drinking tea more often. 

Apparently the world is set to face a global coffee crisis. This can't be good. 

First.... bushfires....then floods.... then a global pandemic.... and now a coffee crisis! Geeeeez loweeezzzz!

What is happening to the world!? 

Thankfully, for me, I am unaffected, I'm a die-hard tea drinker, coffee isn't my cup of tea, but my heart goes out to every single other person around me that love their coffee, and more importantly the coffee plant farmers.

But in all seriousness...

The potential coffee crisis is about much more than just your first world problems like you can't have your daily coffee from your favorite's about farmers struggling to grow the key ingredient and their livelihoods at risk. Don't care about climate change? Maybe this will help you to better understand some of its horrific impacts and how its effects are creeping into our day to day life.

Here's a VOX doco that explains why coffee is facing a global crisis and why the coffee bean is becoming harder and harder to grow as we face issues around climate change, global warming, an economic crisis and of course, dare I say it,  COVID-19. 



Can you imagine a world without coffee?