Community Calendar

"Running Out of Eyre"

Wed 1 Jan 2020 to Thu 31 Dec 2020

  • Fundraising for Mentally Fit EP
  • Eyre Peninsula

How many km’s can you run in 2020 for Mental Health Awareness?
Interested? then go to the Facbook group page "Running Out Of Eyre "
By committing to running as many km’s in 2020 as you can, all the while raising funds for Mentally Fit EP.
Your sponsors may donate as much or as little as they wish.
You may accumulate the km’s in anyway you wish as long as you ACTUALLY run/jog/walk without the assistance of a car or bike etc.
Now to proceed you will need to find a sponsor or many!
For example if you are a serious runner and run over 1,500km per year (28km per week) the sponsor may wish to sponsor $.20 per km ($300 total). Or if you are starting from a lower fitness base and think you may run 200km in the year (just under 4km per week) then they may wish to sponsor you $1 per km ($200 total).
The sponsors can be a business, a family member, a friend, another runner in the group or you can just sponsor yourself.
There will be a leaderboard for encouragement, accountability, competitiveness and just to show you how much of a kick ass person you are!
Want to know more about "Running out of Eyre"
Contact Sam Barlow on 0422 645 32 or email [email protected] or go to the Facebook Group "Running Out Of Eyre"