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Kmart Wishing Tree

Thu 23 May 2019 04:44 am to 04:44 am

  • Kmart Pt Lincoln

Kmart is Launching this year’s Wishing Tree Appeal on Wednesday the 14th of November.

The Kmart wishing Tree Appeal is Australia and New Zealand’s largest and longest running gift Appeal.

The Appeal started in 1987 and has raised more than 8 million gifts for people doing it tough. Close to 400,00 gifts being collected every year.

The Appeal runs from 12.11.18 until 24.12.18 and will continue to accept monetary gifts up until 31.01.19

Five easy ways for customers to give to the appeal.

  1. Place a gift under the Wishing tree at Kmart.
  2. Add a little extra to your transaction by clicking the Wishing Tree Logo on the self-serve checkouts.
  3. Drop your spare change in a coin collection box at the front registers.
  4. Take a bauble tag off the Wishing tree and scan the barcode at the register to contribute.
  5. Give Online

Be mindful that teenagers are the people who receive the least amount of gifts every year and to try and make gifts practical for certain age groups.