All New Swearing Diet

angryScience B*%!

Turns out according to science, swearing may help make you live a happier, healthier life in the long-run.

When you stub your toe and yell out your favourite dirty, four-letter word, you’re actually doing yourself a favour. Swearing apparently has been known to raise your heart rate, which can help reduce the pain.


One particular study found that people who held their hand in icy water while cursing lasted 50% longer than the people who used neutral words – like “wooden” and “flat.”

It’s all about lasting longer apparently.

Not convinced that you should curse more? Consider this: swearing could be the key to improving your workouts.


Researchers asked people to curse while riding a stationary bike and holding a device that measured handgrip strength. Wouldn’t you know it, participants pedalled faster and gripped stronger while spewing their favourite expletives. And swearing won’t just help you get fit, it can also reduce stress and anxiety.

One study found that swearing helped drivers better cope with their frustration on the road whenever a pedestrian illegally crossed the street. Because it’s a way for us to express strong emotions – like anger and frustration – without having to throw a punch or act out.