Court Ordered to Watch Bambi

“The judge is hoping there will be some kind of emotional reaction,” Don Trotter, a prosecutor.

Christmas movies definitely make you feel things, little Kevin being left home alone, Will Ferrell's Elf just absolutely smitten with Santa.

How about Bambi?

In the 1942 Disney movie “Bambi,” the little fawn is wobbling on unsure legs as it runs through the forest, encouraged on ahead by its mother after she hears a gunshot.

Bambi is soon alone in the desolate landscape. Its mother has been taken by a hunter.

This moment has both touched and charmed children over the decades, a tear-jerking scene making Bambi a memorable and now classic animated film.

And somehow, Bambi has recently found himself in court.

This December, a judge in circuit court ordered that a twenty nine year old man, must watch “Bambi” once a month while serving a one-year sentence for his role in a poaching operation believed to have killed hundreds of deer, officials said.