Simmo talks Field Days with Cosi

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There's only one week remaining until the EP Field Days and South Aussie with Cosi will be right there with you! The three-day event showcases and promotes the latest equipment, technology and information in the agricultural industry, including demonstrations and exhibits of modern homewares, crafts and information for a better rural lifestyle. The Field Days draws an average of 25,000 people throughout the week, from the whole of the Eyre Peninsula, Upper and Mid North, as well as many interstate visitors. I quizzed Cosi on whether it is worth attending simply to develop our own understanding of how important agriculture and farming is:

"It's so important Simmo, today so many people don't know where their food comes from"

So a visit to the Field Days will show you how Eyre Peninsula locals get creative, resourceful and productive with the major focus being grain and livestock production and a rapidly expanding aquaculture industry. The Cleve site is catered for with the main office being located in the centre of the site along with a lifestyle area on the north-west corner of the site. The supplied catering is by local organisations with a wide variety of foods to suit all tastes. The Eyre Peninsula Field Days start Tuesday August 14 and continue on through to Wednesday and Thursday ending on August 16.


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