How Much Lego is Too Much?

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I'd be declared insane after crafting this... Star Wars' most iconic starship, (That's no moon) the Millennium Falcon, has been created in Melbourne with 250,000-Lego bricks. However it obviously won't be joining the rebel alliance any time soon.

An arduous build spanning two weeks the final piece of Han Solo's fictional spaceship was put in place on yesterday. Tragics of George Lucas' long-running space odyssey pieced together the incredible five-metre replica as Star Wars-mania sky rockets amongst the release of The Last Jedi film.

Please note, definitely not a gift for the six year old, the creation is only a prototype. Requiring the help of thousands of families the replica mega ship was upscaled by linking tiny lego bricks in a timely process .

Legoland builder Dave said of the project's alternative timeline, "If we were to do it by ourselves, probably at least a month".

"But when you have kids helping it really speeds up the process, and we managed to finish really quickly."

The Star Wars series' eighth instalment taking more than US$1 billion at the international box office since its mid-December release and  is undoubtedly experiencing a resurgence among junior ranks!

"This really blows their mind. For them, it's as large as life".

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