Amy Shark Releases Music Video for "Mess Her Up"

amy shark1
Australia's own Amy Shark has released a MV for her belter of a song, "Mess Her Up", off her debut album, Love Monster.

The emotive songstress pulls on all of our heartstrings, with her MV depicting a love triangle between a girl, her boyfriend and her best friend. Fair to say it doesn't end too well.

For the most part Amy Shark haunts around the background, providing the trio a gentle reminder that secret lovers rarely stay secret for long.

Traditionally, her songs are deeply personal so it's leaving us all wondering whether she's alluding to potentially being one of these characters, or is it all a work of fiction? Either way, we absolutely love her new track and we hope you do, too - you'll be hearing it on air the next few weeks!

Check out the MV below...