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20FT Deep Blue Is Back!

deep blue

The world's largest Great White Shark known on record has popped up off the coastline of Hawaii…and she PREGNANT!

Her name is Deep Blue and the last time she was seen was in Mexico in 2013 swimming with the shark cage divers.

Deep Blue, possibly the biggest Great White Shark identified, coming in at a whopping 20ft long…that’s nearly 7 meters!!

This time she was found about nine miles from the coast of Hawaii feeding on a dead sperm whale.

The sharks generally gather in Hawaii in the winter when they carry out deep dives during the day, meaning they’re not typically spotted by humans. 

Divers were able to identify the shark as Deep Blue thanks to a tag she was given when she was found off the Coast of Guadalupe Island.

Diver and photographer Kimberly Jeffries was the first to see her on 13th January and confirmed Deep Blue’s identity with the white shark authority.

Kimberly jumped on the opportunity and free dived with the majestic creature and lived to tell the story!

Follow the link below and check out the video of Deep Blue placidly swimming with Kimberly and fellow diver alongside her. Totally MIND-BLOWING! You'll notice in both of the videos that she is extremely calm and not even in the slightest bit aggressive towards humans. Have you ever seen anything so incredible!?

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Here is also a short documentary of when they first caught Deep Blue on film, AMAZING!



I hope you found this as fascinating as I have! 

Dee :)