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2018 Road Toll

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It’s a busy time of year on the roads and the state police and emergency services strive every year to decrease the number of deaths on our roads. This year, it looks as if their hard work is paying off!

The state government began monitoring and recording SA’s road toll in 1974, 45 years ago, and back then they recorded 382 deaths on the roads just for that year alone. Each year that number is decreases, which is good news!

For 2018, the road toll stopped at 80 deaths of people on our roads, which is the lowest record to date! Although this is the lowest toll on record, 80 lives lost on the roads is still not a reason to celebrate….

Sadly, each and every life lost is someone else’s loved one…

It is still 80 doors that police officers were forced to knock on to break the hearts of loved ones with simply horrible news…

It is 14 kids under 20 years old who will never get to celebrate their 21st birthdays…

It is 10 motorcyclists who will never get that feeling of freedom in riding their motorbikes again…

It is 26 people over 60 years of age who will never get that chance to enjoy their golden years of retirement or watch their grandchildren grow up…

It is 7 cyclists who will never again get that thrill of buying and riding a new bike - or riding with their mates…

Acting Commissioner Linda Williams said

“ It is critically important to acknowledge those in our community who have changed their driving habits.

It is a time to sincerely thank those who did heed the road safety message.

Thanks to those who made genuine life changing decisions to:

  • Not drink or drug drive
  • Not to speed
  • Not to get distracted
  • Not to be a dangerous road user
  • But who did wear a seatbelt and ensured their passengers did the same

Trying to constantly reinforce the road safety message is a profound challenge.”

“It is important for me to praise those who actually do the right thing and do understand the critical importance of being responsible on our roads. So a sincere thank you to those people.

“But it does not stop here. We must all keep focus and sustain what we have achieved. To go backwards this year would undermine a hell of lot of great and hard work that has been done across our community to get to where we are today. So I implore you to keep the momentum and the vigilance on South Australian roads in 2019.”

So, shall we encourage ourselves and the people around us to drive safe and stay focused when at the wheel.

Let’s be reminded that although that $465 fine for using your phone while driving was an unexpected unaffordable kick in the gut…it’s a reminder that these laws are in place not to be of inconvenience to you but to help prevent deaths on our roads and see the bigger picture.

If you value your life and others around your, or simply your bank account…take a second to rethink that heavy foot on the accelerator as you speed home, that text message that can wait 5 minutes or that one too many drinks that take you over the limit.

Let’s reduce the road toll together and drive safe so that our loved ones will see us at the other end of our journey. J