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Shark Planes are Hitting the Skies

The Embraer E190-E2 plane is something you've probably never heard of. You're going to want to fly in one after reading this. 

  shark plane.JPG

Well let me tell you it's one of the newest planes to take to the skies that could rival the Airbus A220 planes that you've probably caught on domestic flights around Australia. 

This plane is something special, besides being painted like a shark, it is equipped with loads of cool features and sounds way more comfortable than those gross Airbus'. 

The Brazilian made plane is currently on a world tour, showing off to anyone and everyone. 

shark plane 2.JPG

This plane is literally made of dreams though. It seats up to 150 people, in a 2-seat configuration. NO MIDDLE SEATS. Thank you Lord!

This bad boy has larger windows than its rivals, which means it has brighter cabins. Better to take those plane window Instagrams out of.. 

The overhead bag compartments are 40% bigger, which is awesome and there are no under-seat rails stealing your leg room. 

Sounds great right?

These planes are starting to roll out across Europe so keep your eyes peeled for some flying animal planes and try and jump on one if you can!

tiger plane.JPG