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World's Fattest Bear Announced in Alaska

The World's Fattest Bear has been announced during Katmai National Park and Preserve Annual Bear Week in Alaska. 

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One of the more unusual competitions to come out of the northern hemisphere.. Unfortnuately it doesn't involve keeeping a bear as a pet and feeding it lots of pie. 

The competition actually celebrates bears and their ability to fatten up in order to survive their winter hibernation. 

The prize for winning the title of World's Fattest Bear? You get to survive througth winter. Grim. 

This year's competition was taken out by the one and only 409 Beadnose. Congratulations!

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Katmain National Park said, "Bears must eat one year’s worth of food in six short months to survive hibernation, and 409 has excelled at that. Her radiant rolls were deemed by the voting public to be this year’s most fabulous flab. Our chubby champ has a few more weeks to chow down on lingering salmon carcasses before she heads up the mountains to dig herself a den and savor her victory."