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Jay Weatherill official
Premier Jay Weatherill held a doorstop…
Bruce Green
Port Lincoln Mayor Bruce Green spent…
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EP Schools Closed As Blackout Continues

Sep 29, 2016
Local News
As a result of the extreme weather and…
school bus
Students from the three secondary…

Woman charged for stabbing man with fork

Oct 01, 2016
National News
A woman has been charged with stabbing…

Police investigate Adelaide woman's death

Oct 01, 2016
National News
The death of a woman at an Adelaide…

Boy stabbed in Sydney attack

Oct 01, 2016
National News
A boy has been stabbed in the chest and…

$2.4m cannabis set-up found in Wollongong

Sep 30, 2016
National News
Five people have been arrested in Lake…

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Soul on Fire

Make a Decision... NOT an…

Excuses… They wiggle their way into our lives and make it seem like its ok to not give…
yellow lightning bolt
Brady's Blog

EP Live Power Updates!

FRIDAY UPDATE: SCHOOLS CLOSED TODAY Staff will be onsite if people don't receive this…
Kyle and Bdawg
Brady's Blog

Kyle Chalmers Homecoming

What a rippa day it was on Saturday! A massive thanks to everyone who braved the weather…
Brady's Blog

Nevermind- 25 Years On

Can you believe it's been 25 years since this album hit record stores? Spencer Elden was…
Put it to paper
Soul on Fire

Free You Mind, Put It To Paper

I am someone who struggles to think, when I have other things in my mind. I have a…
Stressed Out
Ben's Afternoon Blog

Stressed Out?

A US teacher has been trending on Twitter for giving his Psychology class a list of 101…
Brady's Blog

Brady and the Bachelorette

The new season of the Bachelorette Australia begins tonight. This morning I caught up…
The Grand Tour Nov 18 2016
Ben's Afternoon Blog


Since Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer last year and brought an abrupt halt to season…
Brady's Blog

My 12 Rants for the week!

It all started with Apple announcing that they were removing the headphone jack from the…
She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow headAnd whispered to her neighbor   Winter is dead. 2
Soul on Fire

The Comparison Trap

Comparison… It is a trap. It leaves us feeling unworthy, not good enough… whether its…
charlie the unicorn
Just For Giggles

Just for Giggles #12

I had a good laugh this morning with one of my favourites, Charlie the Unicorn...If you…
question mark
Soul on Fire

Where is the Love? #THEWORLD

13 years after its first release, the world was crying out for a song to help heal the…

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