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Port Lincoln is in the mix to be…
police sign
A police operation targeting thieves…
RBT officer
A local driver was reported after being…
Grain Storage
Grain industry leaders in South…

Police, SES search for murder weapon

Oct 29, 2016
National News
There could be more than one person of…

Squatters evicted from Melbourne homes

Oct 28, 2016
National News
Police have arrested three people and…

WA teen's crash death an 'immense tragedy'

Oct 28, 2016
National News
The death of a 15-year-old boy killed…

Relatives charged over WA man's murder

Oct 28, 2016
National News
Three family members have been charged…

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Copy of creativity is Intelligence having fun
Soul on Fire

Heal the World... With Gossip?

How can you change a negative culture? You hear about it all the time. The Bullying in…
lee bachelorette
Brady's Blog

Lee, you owe me a beer son!

About 6 weeks ago on the day of the first episode of the Bachelorette Australia, I told…
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Soul on Fire

Do Good Anyway

This song always inspires me... Martina Mcbrides - Anyway... It is a country song, but…
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Brady's Blog

Halloween Hay Bales!

How good does this look? If you've driven through Poonindie you might have noticed these…
bonnie HP banner bg 2016
Soul on Fire

These Vocals Blow Me Away

I really hope 'blackout' singer Bonnie Anderson keeps singing with all of her soul.It's…
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Just For Giggles

All Star... Everything

Smash Mouth Fan? Maybe not as much as Jon Sudano... Who has Sung Smash Mouths 'All Star'…
Brady's Blog

Alcoholic Popsicles are a…

How much more bearable would the Christmas holidays be for parents with these? They're…
Taylor Swift
Ben's Afternoon Blog

Taylor Swift Dropping…

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been broken up for a few months now, seemingly not…
hawaiian shirt
Brady's Blog

Why am I dressed like this?

It's official. I've finally run out of clean clothes so I've had to dip into my fancy…
fried chicken
Brady's Blog

Woman sues KFC for HOW MUCH?

A lady in the US is suing KFC for $26 MILLION DOLLARS! WHAT?? All because she wasn't…
Relay for life cover
Soul on Fire

Wish Us Luck

Relaying for life! To donate to the Magic Muso’s Relay for Life Team you canCLICK HERE If…
Brady's Blog

Magpie bites cyclist

So we all know that magpies are bitches... They're always grumpy...And you're not an…

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