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Today marks the start of a big week…
Tuna Toss
Applications are now being accepted for…
Rural Australians still receiving…

Weekend Port Lincoln Sporting Fixtures

Feb 17, 2017
Local News
In Port Lincoln cricket tomorrow will…

Qld shark attack victim still critical

Feb 20, 2017
National News
The spearfisherman who was bitten by a…

Fire stalls Brisbane extortion trial

Feb 20, 2017
National News
The trial of a former Queensland…

Burn confirms application for top cop job

Feb 20, 2017
National News
Deputy NSW Police Commissioner…

NSW government to 'rapid-build' jails

Feb 20, 2017
National News
With NSW prisons bursting at the seams,…

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brady politics
Brady's Blog

My Political Love Triangle

So I got these two requests just a few minutes apart. What are the chances? Obviously…
Trash Dove
Ben's Afternoon Blog

What is this Thing?

Over the past few days, this weird purple bird has gone hella viral, but what is it?…
Just For Giggles

Looney Flight Attendant

To these unsuspecting passengers, it sounded like their airplane was being taken over by…
Soul on Fire

Risk = Life

Thomas Edison was called too stupid to learn anything; Walt Disney was told he never had…
8512945030 17fb85f8e1 b
Just For Giggles

Get Fit, and Free Food!

Would you work out if it meant free food? I would! As a way of encouraging office workers…
Brady's Blog

Barbecure Today!

Today is the day! See you this arvo for a sausage! -Brady-
Eminem The Slim Shady LP CD cover
Ben's Afternoon Blog

Eminem Secrets

It's taken years but finally, an amazing discovery has been made hidden within Eminem's…
Just For Giggles

Pants-Off Inspiration?

Don’t you love it when Celebrity Artists are Humble in their work? “21 Pilots, the…
airport jacket
Brady's Blog

The Airport Jacket

Picture the scene: You've been on holidays, bought all kinds of uselesssouvenirs and…
54t5rivyaii taduuda
Ben's Afternoon Blog

How’s your Google-Fu?

Google is one of the world’s great resources when it comes to finding weird and wonderful…
Soul on Fire

Love Yourself

Feel Good Feb, Valentines Day... Love is in the air.... but what about loving ourselves?I…
Nokia 3310
Brady's Blog

Nokia 3310 is back?

Guess who's coming back? And I say "who" because it feels like an old friend or long lost…

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